Strategic Plan Statement:

After successfully helping our community we serve through the pandemic; the New Rochelle YMCA has had to shift its focus to provide for our community's needs. As we work to continue to build a stronger Y community, we will be focused on the following areas:

Impact Areas

The Y will invest in our youth to create powerful changemakers for the future by instilling strong character values through participation in Y programs.

The Y will expand its chronic disease programs to ensure we focus on healthy living for a life time.

The Y will continue to find creative ways to provide programs and services in an affordable way to ensure diversity and inclusion to our community in every way.

The Y will work to provide affordable Safety Around Water and Swim Lessons to a diverse and under-served community.

The Y will reach out to those that feel isolated and find ways for them to feel included.

The Y's reach drives its ability to expand access, ensures assets are utilized, and historical work continues. To respond to the landscape of today, the Y will reposition service delivery through membership and innovate offerings to annually reach over 4,000 members.