At the Y, teens can work on leadership skills, prep for college, play a sport, and give back through programs designed for them. We’re committed to empowering youth around lower Westchester and we are always seeking additional ways of meeting the needs in our community.

Group Exercise Classes
As a part of our membership perks, the New Rochelle YMCA offers over 30 group exercise classes each week. Teens can attend any of our classes in the evenings including boxing, MMA, Circuit Training, Hip Hop and more. All classes are designed to be approachable by beginners or challenging to experienced exercisers so no matter where you are on your path to fitness there is a class for you.  Download a copy of our latest group exercise class schedule for more information

Teen Fitness
Youth ages 13 and up are permitted to work out in the facility without an adult being present. Before going to the weight room or cardio room we highly suggest that any new exercisers attend a circuit class or similar exercise class. This will help youth gain the fundamentals of exercise including proper form, posture and effective exercises for their goals. Download a copy of our latest group exercise class schedule for more information

Lifeguard Preparation Classes
For teens interested in becoming a lifeguard, the New Rochelle YMCA is offering Lifeguard Preparation Classes. This class is included with membership at the New Rochelle YMCA and is designed to help swimmers of all abilities and backgrounds. No matter if you are new to the water or on a swim team, the Lifeguard Prep class will help you learn the strokes and skills necessary to be a certified lifeguard. For more information and to register click here

Youth and Government
Youth And Government is a experiential learning program in which students serve as part of a model state government. Students are offered the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of issues, develop critical thinking skills, and articulate their beliefs while engaging constructively with their peers from around the State. This program takes place over the course of the school year (September to March) and ends with a 3 day conference in which the students take over the chambers of the New York State Senate and Assembly to debate bills they and their peers have written. This is an intensive program that gives students a first hand experience on how state and local politics works. General interest meetings will begin during August 2021. For more information please contact Zachary Swierat at

Teen Leaders Club
Leaders Club is a teen character and leadership development program that serves teens ages 12 to 18. It is organized for the purpose of providing knowledge, training and experiences to teens so that they become strong leaders in their communities, fosters a spirit of service to others and to shape a healthy lifestyle in Mind, Body and Spirit. Being part of a Leaders Club is a commitment. Teens are expected to attend club meetings and activities as well as volunteer at their Y or in their community. A core part of the program is that teens take an active role in planning and facilitating club activities. Like many other youth programs the more time, effort and energy a teen puts into Leaders Club the more they’ll receive back. For more information please contact Zachary Swierat at