YMCA Youth And Government is a 3-day experiential learning program in which students serve as part of a model state government, taking over the chambers of the New York State Senate and Assembly to debate bills they and their peers have written. Students are offered the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of issues, develop critical thinking skills, and articulate their beliefs while engaging constructively with their peers from around the State. There will be two general interest meetings held at the New Rochelle YMCA on Monday, January 11th and Wednesday, January 13th at 7:00PM. Interested students can attend in person or via zoom. Please contact Zachary Swierat at zswierat@nrymca.org for the access link.

2021 Youth and Government Conference

For 2021 the New York State Alliance will be hosting the Youth and Government conference solely online, with all sessions being conducted via streamed sessions. Any High School or Middle School Student in New York State is welcome to participate. Public school, Private school, or homeschool students are welcome. YMCA membership is not required. The Online Model Legislature will take place March 19th and 20th. Committee meetings will take place in the two weeks prior based on student availability. Digital Meetings – These meetings are open to all registered delegates. They will prepare Delegates for the conference while also encouraging social interaction and providing time for getting to know other participants. Attendance is not required, and these meetings will be recorded and posted to links so that relevant content. Delegates will receive links to the Digital Meetings via email. For more information please contact Zachary Swierat at zswierat@nrymca.org or at (914) 632-1818 X22