The New Rochelle YMCA has created the Middle Ground Leadership Program to focus on students that have a solid C+ to A grades, are athletic but may not have made their school’s sports team, and are interested in helping others.

There seems to be a number of programs that target two segments of students (1) advanced students that get high grades and/or are on many sports and leadership programs in their school or (2) those that are identified as at-risk that need intervention. We believe that the “middle ground” students that are solid students and are doing well on their own get overlooked. Are we really assisting them to achieve all they can be? This program’s goal is to mentor students to achieve even more.

Middle Ground Leadership Program is for young adults who will be the future leaders of tomorrow. This program encourages students to explore their academic and career interests while developing leadership skills essential for their success. Our mentors, speakers, and program volunteers will help students develop strong core YMCA values; learn about the importance of teamwork; demonstrate the value of helping others through volunteer work in the community; and develop proper communication skills. We will engage students to foster skills in areas such as test and college prep, finance and budgeting, sports and recreation, and community service projects.

Our program targets students ages 13-18 who need our support and resources to excel in college, career, and community. Throughout the program, we will be hosting speaker panels, symposiums, workshops, and other events to help the students develop into strong leaders.

Westchester County would be assisting in staff costs, as well as program costs like buses for trips.

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