Youth development is one of the YMCA’s core values and at the heart of our summer camp.  The YMCA Summer program offers more than just a fun, caring and safe place to keep your child physically and mentally engaged over the summer.  It’s more than just a summer experience that fosters new friendships, teaches new skills and provides so many ways to have fun and laugh the time away.  We do so much more than take daily swims in our pool, dance in our studio, create unique arts and crafts, play games and take fabulous weekly trips. 

Embedded in our program, we integrate a holistic approach to programming that enhances  and nurtures the unique developmental journey of every child and teen.  Activities and trips vary depending on the age group to ensure they are aligned to age appropriate milestones. 

We create opportunities for campers to challenge themselves as they seek to become more independent and self-reliant.  Team building activities allow campers to communicate effectively and take on leadership roles as they work together to solve problems.  Sports games foster healthy competition and inspire kids to do their best. 

Weaved throughout the series of events that make up the day, we teach our four core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.  Counselors, serving as positive role models, help with character development activities throughout the week to further reinforce our efforts in teaching these universal values.  It may seem like just fun and games, but we are strategic and purposeful in the activities selected to nurture your child's growth.  We enrich each child's:

  • Mind... by exposure to Science, Math, and Reading
  • Body... by exploring Health and Wellness
  • Spirit... by growing an appreciation of Arts and Music

Each child gains something different at camp: making new friends, self-confidence, independence, and leadership—skills that last far beyond camp. Whether it’s your child’s first camp experience or a returning camper, our camp provides an environment where campers are encouraged to grow, have fun, be creative and make those memories that will last a lifetime. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation for camp?

Normal Camp Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Extended Care
: 7:30AM-9:00AM and/or 5:00PM to 6:30PM*
*For parents who need additional time we offer extended care for an additional fee.

What are the safety procedures you are taking per COVID-19 exposure?

During the 2022 season, the New Rochelle YMCA carefully followed all New York State guidelines per COVID-19 exposure during summer camp sessions. We will continue to follow these guidelines in order to ensure the safety of our campers and staff.  Additionally, our facility is sanitized throughout the day by our staff including high touch areas (ie. door knobs, railings) and equipment (basketballs, mats, etc.).

What are the drop-off & pick up procedures for camp

Drop-off Procedure: Much like last year parents will be asked to drop off their children in the main parking lot. Campers will be checked in by their counselors and admitted through the main field. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN AT THE MAIN ENTRANCE ON BAYARD STREET.

Dismissal Procedure: Camper Dismissal will also be done in the main parking lot. Please pull into the lot and tell the staff who you are picking up. Please note that only authorized adults will be allowed to pick up a child. If you need an additional adult added to your authorized pick up list please contact Tanisha Miller at tmiller@nrymca.org. We cannot allow adults who are not on the authorized list to pick up children from camp.

Late Camper/Early Dismissal: If you are running late to drop-off or if you need to pick up a camper early we ask that you call us at (914) 632-1818. Please note that there will be a fee for campers who are picked up late from camp.

Rainy Day/Severe Weather Information: Camp runs in all weather. The YMCA will take appropriate safety precautions during inclement weather. Children/staff will be required to remain indoors when thunder and/or lightning are present. For more information, please see the section “What To Bring To Camp”. In the case of a severe emergency which requires the evacuation of camp, the Camp Director and other administrators will be responsible for contacting all guardians of participants in order to coordinate immediate pick up.


What should I pack for camp?

What to bring to camp:

  • Campers should be ready for all kinds of weather including hot, cold and rainy days.
  • Closed-toed shoes for all daily non-aquatic activities
  • Boating/Water Shoes: Your child will be allowed to wear water appropriate shoes (sandals, flip flops or water shoes) only when they are participating in water related activities. During ALL other activities children are to wear close-toe shoes. Your child is required to wear shoes when boating. If they do not have water shoes, they will be required to wear their sneakers.
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sunscreen, towel and swimsuit everyday
  • Rain jacket & a sweatshirt

It is suggested that you write your child's name on any items that might be left behind. Items not claimed from our lost and found at the end of the week will be discarded.

Items to keep at home: Please leave money, electronic devices and toys at home. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Also if you are sending your child with a meal and/or snack please avoid any foods with common allergens such as peanuts.


Are meals included with camp?

Yes! Included with enrollment, all campers will receive healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. You can still send your child with their own snack and/or lunch but please make sure you avoid any common allergens such as peanuts.

My child has medications they need to bring to camp; what are the procedures for medication?

Medication needs to be handed in during drop-off at the beginning of the day. This includes both prescription and non-prescription medication. All medicine will be stored in the main offices and administered as needed.

What are your illness, injury & emergency procedures?

All staff members are trained and certified in first aid and will treat minor injuries and illnesses. In the event of a minor accident or illness, the camp nurse/health care supervisor will notify the parent/guardian. Should a serious injury or illness occur that requires care beyond immediate first aid, an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) will be activated for the safety of the child. The primary guardian or emergency contact will be notified as soon as possible and the child will be taken to the nearest hospital for immediate care.

I have a concern about my child. Who do I talk to?

The New Rochelle YMCA strives to provide your camper with a safe, enriching experience. Should you feel we are not meeting this obligation, please notify your Camp Director as soon as possible. At any time a parent/guardian may request a meeting with the Camp Director to discuss matters regarding their camper. Unit Directors & Group Leaders may not have a meeting with a guardian without prior approval from the Camp Director. For further assistance call (914)632-1818.

Who are your staff? What level of training do they receive?

The New Rochelle YMCA believes that the success of our program lies in the quality of our staff. Employees are carefully selected based on experience, education, talents and interpersonal skills. Camp staff is required to attend an extensive training process to cover specific program goals, emergency procedures, group work and curriculum planning. All of our staff has a criminal background check and a sex offender check completed before working with children. Above all else, the members of our staff share a common love for working with children! All camp staff wear YMCA staff shirts for easy identification. Our aquatic staff consists of certified lifeguards who have experience in water safety and swim lesson instruction.


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Do you want to make an impact in the lives of children? The New Rochelle YMCA is currently looking to build our Summer Camp team for 2023. If you'd like to apply please send an email with your resume to LeMarie Laureano at LLaureanoNRYMCA@gmail.com or stop by our Welcome Center.


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