Private Swim Instruction

Private swimming lessons are a great alternative for students who either need a bit more practice or cannot commit to a regular schedule. Our swimming instructors work with swimmers of all ages and levels, whether you're just a beginner or looking to imrpove your competitive edge. Private swim instruction also makes for a great supliment to group instruction, allowing you to refine specific strokes or techniques that could use additional attention.

Private Lessons

All private lessons run for 1/2 hour each in a one-on-one setting, one student and one teacher. Lessons are scheduled between the instructor and the student and payment is only made after the instructor and student are able to decide on a date or days to meet.

Semi-Private Lessons:

Much like private lessons, all semi-private lessons run for an 1/2 each with an instructor assigned specifically to each pair. Students who are taking semi-private swim instruction should be of similar age and in swimming level. Semi-private lessons are a great choice for for siblings or a couple looking to learn how to swim together.

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