Adult Group Swimming Lessons

The YMCA has been teaching children critical swimming skills for decades and we're proud to offer a range of classes for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our aquatics staff is dedicated to offering exciting, safe and confidence building classes for adults and teens of all ages and swimming abilities. It is never too late to learn this criticial life-saving skill.

Group swimming lessons typically operate on 8 week cycles and can range in class sizes of 6 to 10 students. If a swimmer has some experience in the water, we typically ask that they take a swim evaluation with one of our instructors before placement into a class. Otherwise new swimmers can sign up for lessons at our front desk or through our online registration page. We also offer private swimming lessons for students who are looking for a more flexible schedule or who would like more one-on-one instruction.

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Adult/Teen Beginner Classes

The Adult/Teen beginner class is designed for individuals who are new to swimming. Skills include breathing techiques, kicking styles, front crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, treading water. This level does not require an evaluation to enrole. If you are interested in signing up, check our online registration page for more information and for available classes.

Adult/Teen Intermediate to Advanced Classes

The Adult/Teen intermediate to advanced swimming class continue on many of the skills taught in the beginner class. Swimmers will continue to refine their basic swimming techniques while learning new skills including butterfly, backcrawl, flip-turns and dives. At the higher levels students will begin to learn many of the foundations for competitve level swimming. Swimming evaluations are required for enrollment into Adult/Teen level classes. Please contact us at 914.632.1818 if you are interested in scheduling a swim evaluation with one of our instructors.