Youth Aquatics

Have fun, learn new skills and build confidence that lasts a lifetime!

Here at the Y, our aquatics staff is dedicated to offering exciting, safe and confidence building classes for children and teens age 6 months – 18 years. When your child participates in one of our swimming programs, he or she will learn to be safe and feel that sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering a new skill.

We employ only the best staff, all of whom exhibit our values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility—and who are passionate about teaching children the life skill of swimming.

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School Age

Teen and Adult Swim Lessons

Pool Rules

Swim Starters  (6 months to 35 months old)

Length of Class: 30 minutes/week for 8 weeks
Fee: $120 | Youth or Family Membership is also required

Stages A/B 

(Ratio 12:1) Ages 6 months to 2 years

 Parents accompany their children in the water and act as their tutor. The trained instructors provide swimming aids and guided instruction.


Preschool  (3 to 5 years old)

Length of Class: 30 minutes per week
Fee: $120 for 8 weeks. Youth or family membership is also required

(beginner – 4:1 ratio): children ages 3 to 5 years old, without parent. 

For first-timers who cannot swim independently and are apprehensive in the water. Water acclimation, basic swimming and water safety skills will be taught.For children who cannot swim independently, are comfortable in the water and may begin to paddle stroke on their own. Water adaptation, basic swimming and water safety will be taught.For children who can swim more than five feet independently and feel comfortable putting their face in the water. 
Paddle stroke, front and back float, rhythmic breathing, and basic front crawl will be introduced.For children who can swim the width of the pool with rhythmic breathing and who are able to float independently on their back. Advanced front and back crawl will be taught.For children who can swim 25 yards. Advanced front and back crawl will be emphasized, as well as treading water and survival float.


School Age (6 to 12 years old)

Length of Class: 45 minutes per week

Fee: $136 for 8 weeks. Youth or family membership is also required

No previous swimming ability required. This class is for the first time swimmers who are comfortable in the water. The children will learn front and back float, proper kicking techniques, rotary breathing and over arm recovery.For children who can swim 25 feet without assistance in prone position. Proper stroke technique will be taught, as well as backstroke.The swimmer must  be able to swim one full length without stopping, and must demonstrate basic knowledge    of freestyle and back stroke.

For children who can swim a minimum of four lengths of freestyle and backstroke. Children will learn the final progression of both strokes and diving.


For children who can swim a minimum of eight lengths each of freestyle and backstroke. Proper stroke mechanics will be emphasized. Breaststroke kick and dolphin kick must be evaluated to move on to next level.Children will learn the full Breast Stroke and Butterfly stroke. 100 Individual Relays will be introduced. Children who are leaning towards a more competitive aspect of swimming.Child finalizes all strokes and turns. Swimmers will work on streamlining their stroke techniques. Final tune-up before entering Swim Team. 


Teen and Adult Swim Lessons

Teens: 13-17 years old,  Adults: 18 years and older
Length of Class: 60 minutes/week
8 week Session
Fees: $136 Members, $168 Non Members


Total Beginner (ratio 5:1)

This class is for the non-swimmer who is fearful of the water. Students will learn at their own pace and gain confidence in the water.

Beginner (ratio 7:1)

This class is for the non-swimmer seeking to achieve comfort and movement in the water. Students will learn basic balance in the water, changing positions from front to back, front to back float, side strokes and elementary backstroke. Front crawl is introduced.


Teens are encouraged to sign up for Adult classes that meet their ability

Intermediate (ratio 8:1)

This class further develops the front crawl, deep water skills, treading water and survival float. Backstroke is introduced.

Advanced (ratio 10:1)

This class further develops endurance, improves freestyle and backstroke technique, and introduces new strokes and diving.


  • A lifeguard must be on deck before anyone enters the pool
  • Swimmers must follow rules and lifeguard and staff instructions when requested. The lifeguard has final say in all situations.
  • Everyone must rinse off before entering the pool
  • Everyone must wear a swim cap
  • Everyone must wear a bathing suit. No underwear, lingerie, cut off shorts, basketball shorts, or sweat pants.
  • Religious or modest cover-ups are allowed. Please ask Aquatics staff for suggestions on best type of material to wear.
  • Swim diapers are required for those who are not potty trained and/or for those with incontinency issues.
  • No swimmer with open sores, infection or contagious diseases may use the pool
  • No spitting, urinating or defecating in the pool gutters or on the deck
  • Do not use the pool if you or your child has had diarrhea within the previous 2 weeks
  • The pool will close during thunder and lighting
  • The starting blocks are only for use during swim lessons and swim team
  • Prolonged underwater swimming or breath holding is prohibited
  • When 3 or more swimmers are in a lane. All swimmers within that lane must circle swim in a counter clockwise manner.
  • It is the responsibility of the entering swimmer to inform others that they are entering and their desire to change format. (i.e. ‘circle’ or ‘split’)
  • Please use the lane that fits your general speed. (i.e. slow, medium, or fast)
  • Please enter on shallow side during lap swim
  • No diving start during lap swim
  • No children under the age of 16 during lap swim. Special Youth/Teen lap times available. Special circumstances cleared by Aquatics Director.
  • The use of fins, hand paddles or kick boards etc. are appropriate only when there are 3 or less people in a lane.
  • The only equipment allowed during free/family/rec swim are noodles, life vests, and workout belts.
  • No running on the deck
  • No rough play or foul language
  • No diving in the shallow end. Feet first entries for depths under 6 feet
  • No flipping, twists or back dives into the pool.
  • No glass, pins, or food on the pool deck or in the pool
  • Inflatable flotation devices are not allowed. Coast guard approved life vests are allowed and are available for your convenience.
  • No balls or throwing of any objects
  • All children must take a deep water test if they wish to swim past the 4ft marker.
  • Non-swimmers with a floatation device are not allowed past the 4ft mark.
  • Children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the water. 3 kids max per adult.
  • No outdoor shoes allowed on the deck.
  • Please do not hang on the lane lines
  • Please direct questions to the front desk not the lifeguard
  • Swimmers must exit the pool when prompted by the lifeguard. No exceptions.
  • Please be courteous to all pool users and staff. Abusive behavior and/or language to staff and members may result in suspension or revocation of membership