Transform through the YMCA!

The New Rochelle Y is an organization for Youth, Community and Family.

The story of New Rochelle YMCA is the story of the evolution of our Community. Since its inception in 1899, the New Rochelle Y has been a key element of our community landscape. Over the years, the Y has continuously evolved to meet the needs of the ever expanding demographic to include families, children, seniors and adults of all races and cultural backgrounds. Today, the Y reaches thousands through programs that focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

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You Can Influence Families of New York

Since 1899, the New Rochelle Y has been connecting with families and their communities.  We always felt that we've played a critical role in your child's development, security and happiness -as well as yours as a parent, grandparent or guardian. You can help ensure that we'll always be here to support future generations by including us in your overall estate and financial plans.  It's called planned giving, and there can be significant tax saving benefits with this type of giving as well as ways to protect your family's future.  Browse the links below to learn more.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Simple.  Make It Your Goal to Make a Difference.

Remember your New Rochelle Y in your planned giving.  It can cost little or nothing during your lifetime, and can help insure that future generations will be able to enjoy the New Rochelle Y for many years to come.


1. THROUGH YOUR LIFE INSURANCE - Make the Y one of your beneficiaries (you can have as many beneficiaries as you like)

2. THROUGH ANNUITIES - If you have a TIAA-CREF account, you can designate the Y as a beneficiary

3. IRA - If you have an Individual Retirement Account with your bank, you can name the Y as one of the beneficiaries;

4. If you have a Pay on Death or Transfer Upon Death Account held at a bank, you can have it, or a portion of it, held in the name of the Y.

5. You can make the New Rochelle Y one of the beneficiaries of your Will;  in it you can choose to give the Y a percentage of your estate or a fixed amount, or give the Y what is left over after your heir have been sufficiently provided for.

Here are some estate and gift planning tips based on your stage in life.

I'm under 40

I'm age 40-54.  
I'm age 55-69

I'm 70 or older