Team Levels

The Sailfish Swim Team Levels

Pre Team

This group is for swimmers between 5 and 8 (plus differently-aged, novice swimmers, at coach’s discretion), who can swim one lap of freestyle with side breathing, and one lap of backstroke. Swimmers placed in this group should be willing to try breastroke and butterfly. This group will be taught the basics of stroke technique with introduction into racing. Swimmers are encouraged to attend 2-3 practices per week, with dryland exercises beforehand.

For swimmers age 8 and over who are proficient at freestyle and backstroke, and understand the basics of breastroke and butterfly. The focus in this level is learning/refining all 4 strokes, practicing race techniques, and building endurance. Swimmers will be introduced to interval training, flip turns, racing dives, and pullouts, and are encouraged to attend 3 practices weekly, preceded by dryland exercises.

Primarily for swimmers 8-14 years old, who can legally perform all 4 strokes. While stamina (ability to sustain prolonged physical effort) and conditioning (getting stronger and healthier with regular exercise) improve, swimmers will also get hands-on stroke and race technique instruction for competition. Swimmers will build upon their interval training as the season progresses, and are encouraged to attend 3 practices per week, preceded by dryland exercises.

This group is for swimmers 11 and over (again, exceptions may apply), with a year or more of competitive involvement, or same-level competence, who have strengthened skills and stamina. Swimmers will begin their preparation for age-group competitions. Stroke development and racing technique refinement will be furthered, while swimmers begin to learn the relation between practice performance and fast times at meets. Interval and endurance concepts will be key elements as swimmers implement goal-setting. Beginning leadership skills expected. Swimmers are encouraged to practice 3-4 times/week, preceded by dryland exercises.

Senior and advanced swimmers will build upon their training and goal setting to truly focus on competing within their respective age brackets, and at higher level competitions. Continuing stroke and technique reinforcement will combine with a focus on learning how to use each practice to enhance competitive achievements. To that end, both endurance sets and interval training will increase. Gold swimmers will be expected to be team leaders, working with coaches and teammates to generate an attitude and atmosphere of excellence and team unity. Swimmers are encouraged to average 4-5 practices per week, preceded by dryland exercises.