Heart Healthy Relationships Start at the Y!

February is all about heart healthy relationships at the New Rochelle YMCA!

As a loyal member of our Y, you understand the need to have a balanced life
that includes regular exercise time. That is why you come to the Y: with
over 35 group exercise classes, swimming pool, treadmills, elliptical
training, weights, and a gym, you get the opportunity to treat your body by
varying your workout and achieving a healthy balance.

In February, you get the chance to share your passion for the Y.with someone
important in your life! This month, when you introduce YMCA membership to
your spouse, partner, or best friend - and they join as a member for three
months - you earn a free month of membership in June of this year!

Visit our Welcome Center for more details!

We all know someone who has put off his or her New Year's resolution. Isn't
it time to show that person how much you care about their health? This
February, show that friend how much you care!

The New Rochelle YMCA: serving the communities of New Rochelle, Mount
Vernon, Pelham, Larchmont and the Bronx since 1899!  

Rich McCarty, CEO

New Rochelle YMCA